Russian Marriage & Dating Agency

Ariadna Marriage Agency provides the high quality marriage services for the single Western men seeking for the Russian and Ukrainian brides among beautiful young and mature Women from Russia and Ukraine.

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We’d like to underline that we are not a Dating Agency but we are a Marriage Agency. With the help of our marriage agency thousands of people the various places of the world have got an opportunity to find their real love and happiness.

So, your happiness may be much closer than you think. All you need to do is to give it a try. We deeply believe that if you are seriously looking for a partner for the rest of your life, it is soul, not look that matters.

Since anger of Gods has fallen on humanity, people were halved and parts that were making once a single whole were dissipated all over the world. Centuries have teared along, many events have gone though humanity, but people still search all over the world for their soulmate – for that special one and only to find happiness and harmony in life. And how to know where to find your destiny? Maybe it’s just by the door … or … maybe it lives far away, on some other continent and speaks some other language? What to do then?

We do believe that true love knows no borders and the only language it speaks is the language of feelings! The more people find each other, the greater will be our faith in it.

And if you are ready to cross 7 seas to find your soulmate welcome to the board of a Ariadna Marriage Agency that will help you to make your way to your Love!

Our Agency was created especially for you! We are honored to perform the noblest mission on Earth to bring close two parts of the whole, two loving hearts, that share the same dreams, thinking in different language.

There were a number of matchmakers all over the world, who did this delicate and noble mission to help people to find each other and to unite their fates. Nowadays one can not count on to find his ideal partner as our ancestors did with the help of matchmakers or on parties or in cinema. Internet occupies more and more spheres in our life, so to commit such a delicate function to the Internet is a common thing. That`s why in 2002 Ariadna Marriage Agency was created. Its main mission is to help people to find each other, to create a new happy family despite the borders and distance. There are no borders for love! And there is no definition “somebody`s solitude”. Your problems are our problems.

Are you still feeling lonely? You are afraid to return home where silence and loneliness have settled? Do you want to feel happy, to have comfort, children and a loving wife? We will help you to recognize your soul mate. And it does not matter where she is from!

Our agency presents a variety of highly qualified services on acquaintance and creation of marriages between lonely Western men who desire to find a friend for life, a woman that would be young, beautiful, well-educated, with traditional family values and Russian/Ukrainian women who are seeking their fate, love and a man who would be able to create a happy family with her in spite of all the borders.

Ariadna Marriage Agency has also such directions as inland tourism, translation and visa consultation centre and the experience of many years on the service market. Our marriage agency works with individual clients from any country and with national agencies in USA, Belgium, France, England and Australia. For all the years of working in this sphere we showed ourselves to advantage. Our methods are based on the great experience of communicating with people from various countries whom we present our services for 3 years.

We work with our client from the first to the last step (it greatly matters for the choice of Ariadna Marriage Agency ) while giving such services as:

Translation of confidential correspondence of our clients from/into foreign languages;
The delivery of letters from our clients to ladies and vice versa. The delivery and translation is carried out as soon as possible (within 1-2 days);

  • The delivery of holiday/birthday congratulations and presents;
  • Organization of conference-negotiations between our clients with the help of a professional translator (if necessary)
  • The delivery of photos and video films;
  • The all-round support in organization of meetings for our clients on the territory of Ukraine (Kiev, Crimea, Carpathian mountains, Mariupol) and abroad. We assume all tour organisation. During the tour along Ukraine our clients feel comfortable and safe;
  • Support the official registration of marriage on the territory of Ukraine and in man`s native country. Translating center of our agency makes translation, notary certification, legalization of the documents in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in Ministry of Justice and in embassies;
  • The reservation and booking tickets for our clients` departure for permanent residence abroad.