Are the ladies available?
The Girls Gallery represents only available for meeting ladies, even if the lady went for a vacation for more than 10 days her profile is removed for this period of time.

Are these ladies for real?
Ensure yourself with this order photo session of a girl or a video movie featuring her. The photos can be taken in some specific topic, like sending you a virtual kiss, or a girl with your flowers, toys, with one of your printed pictures or present. More over in our office we have the passport copy of every lady we present and can prove that she is single.

There are a lot of free dating services, why should I pay you for e-mail exchanging with the person I never met. Corresponding with a Russian woman is just a scam to make me send her money.
Your risk to be scammed by a woman advertising herself at a free site is huge. We are a legitimate and professional agency and always screen the ladies. We place the girl on our site only after the interview with the manager and verification of her documents. In our office we have the passport copy of every lady we present and can prove that she is single. If there are strong proofs that a lady is dishonest, we remove her immediately. Anyway you won’t get a wife for nothing. If you prefer to correspond with ladies in order to establish an effective contact before visiting them, you must also be ready for some expenses. Probably, you would like to send a gift to your lady, or a book about your city/country. But do not send money to a lady herself.

Why do the ladies on your site prefer foreign guys?
Our ladies made up their minds to use all the advantages of new dating style that allows new acquaintances at any time. They have chosen a decent site and confided to us their wishes, and are ready to meet men who have serious intentions to create a family as they do. Educational and cultural level of our ladies is rather high. Ladies who present their profiles on our site are very initiative and do not languish home waiting for their princes opposite the window but act.

Besides, according to preliminary data we have 1000 men per 1147 women. In comparison to the previous census the number of ladies is growing while the number of men is falling. Thus, young women simply lack men.

Why do foreign “princes” prefer Russian “Cinderella’s”?
According to the medieval chronicles king of France, Henry I, who governed from 1031 to 1060, wished to marry the daughter of Yaroslav The Wise, Ann, as he found out that she was adorably beautiful. Though probably it was just one of the numerous legends. The point is that historically the image of Russian woman is associated not only with beauty, but also with household, complaisance, patience, devotion to her husband, family, diligence. Family is the main priority in life of our women. Job and career are of minor importance to our ladies. The definition “career” is very seldom to hear from Slavonic women. It happens in case if their husbands are real looser and they have to keep a family. From generation to generation they inherited family traditions and attitudes to children upbringing. Our ladies are very romantic, tender, solicitous and family-oriented, ready to give love and care to their husbands.

Why do our ladies not place their profiles on free dating sites?
A great number of our ladies can not still afford themselves to have computers at home, accordingly, Internet is one of the main conditions of normal communication this way. Though a lot of women use their office computers and this causes the information drain from their private correspondence. Besides they do not know the language enough to correspond correctly.

I want to be a member of the Ariadna Marriage Agency Agency, what do I need to do for it?
You need to register for free at our site. You can do it from any page of our site. Just press the button “Join Free” and fill in all the needed form.

How to send a letter to a lady?
To send a letter to lady you can use our correspondence service at the lady’s personal page. The letters are translated and delivered to the ladies during 1-2 days. All the services are absolutely of no charge for the ladies.

If I write to some ladies, how many of them will reply to me?
Usually you will get from 80 to 90% answers.

How to phone to a lady?
Sometimes you may have such feeling that you are corresponding not with a real, true, live, sweet lady, but with a kind of “virtual” person. One of the best ways to dispel your illusions and to prove yourself that she is real is simply to call her and hear her real voice. Before phoning, please take into account the time difference (Ukraine is 2 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time). Also find out if she knows English well to speak to and understand you. Many Ukrainian ladies do not speak English good enough or do not speak English at all. In this case you can use our on-line translation service. Just order our pre-arranged phone call service.

Is it possible for me to email a photo to a woman?
You are welcome to send your photos along with your letter and to receive photos from ladies as well.

How can I get fresh photos of my woman?
Some women post old photos. Besides, you want to see not only her face but also the whole figure, how she really looks like today. You want to see her in different postures to get a better image of her and to avoid disappointment when you meet her personally.

You can order a photo album of your woman including pictures at home, with parents, friends, pets, at her work, different locations, etc. The pictures are taken by our photographer. This is one of the best ways to know the person you correspond with, to know her personality and her real life here. This will help you both to know and understand each other better and can be a significant step in establishing a real serious relationship. You can order the pictures at the photo services section on our website.

What if I don’t get a reply?
If you didn’t get a reply during 10 days then you are welcome to address your letter to any other lady of the gallery with no additional charge.

I would like to write to some Russian ladies but I am not about to look for a wife immediately, rather a friend first and then see what happens. Do ladies expect more?
You can state clearly from the very beginning that you are interested in establishing friendship first. The majority of the women seeking partners do expect more, but if they decide to keep contact with you, it will mean that they accept your position. There is nothing wrong with your position, and if you don’t feel ready to start a long-term relationship right now, you may try to start with friendship. Be aware though, that a lady can accept the offer of some one else, even if she really likes you, just because she is not sure about your intentions.

I want to begin corresponding with a lady from your agency, and I’d like to know if she corresponds with any other men at present or at least to know how many times men have written her.
It is confidential information. We have no right to tell it to anybody. However, from the other side it does not really matter, because you are not buying an address of an unknown lady. You have an opportunity to send a message to the lady you have chosen and find out if she’s interested in you.

I want to make a good impression with my first letter to a lady I like, but I am not sure what should I write in this letter to somebody I don’t even know yet.
If you want to make an impression as a man with serious intensions, include your full name and date of birth, height and weight, your occupation, marital status, children (if any) in your first letter. Don’t write how perfect you are and what material things you have in life, just write why you chose precisely this woman, and why you want to know better exactly her. Include your picture of good quality, where it’s possible to see your face. We emphasize that better for you to include a picture. It means just as much for her as for you. Please avoid sending half naked pictures with the first letter – it makes very bad impression.

I have sent a letter to a lady I really liked, but she didn’t answer to me, and I don’t know if I should give up or try again.
There will be not such a situation because if lady doesn’t like your photo or something else anyway she will write you back and explain her reason. It’s our policy that lady has to answer every letter she receives. Whether does she like that man or not.

How can I meet the lady I’m interested in?
Ariadna Marriage Agency provides the individual introduction service for the men in order to meet the ladies. You may come at any suitable for you time and meet any ladies of the gallery. All of them live in Mariupol, its area and other cities of Ukraine. We help to organize both meetings with pre-selected number of women (1-4) or with any number of ladies.

I am 57, does this matter?
Age difference is not the principle question, they consider older men as the pledge of stability and safety. That`s why they can marry a man with the reasonable age disparity (10-15 years). Our ladies desire to find their other half and be happy with them. They are ready to live in other country and adapt to new life conditions to be with the man they love.

Is language a barrier?
Language should not be a barrier. Most Russian and Ukrainian women interested in meeting Western men will already speak or be making an effort to learn English at least.

With all languages spoken words are generally easier to master than written and so some translation might be helpful on the early stage. Ariadna Marriage Agency provides several options to assist the communication with Russian/Ukrainian women.

How can I send flowers or presents to my lady?
We offer you our internet shop where you can find a variety of presents that can make any woman happy. Undoubtedly it is pleasant to feel yourself a gallant and generous man that treats his woman with love and respect. This service is avaliable only for ladies from Mariupol and Donetsk.

What gifts are appropriate?
You can give flowers, toys, perfumes, cakes, food baskets and candies to your woman. You should give only odd number of flowers (1,3,5,7 etc.) as an even number of flowers is given only at funerals here.

It is not recommended to give a monetary gift to your lady until you meet her in person. Money spoils women! But there are some reasons when you can give money to your lady: for English lessons, Driving courses, Computer courses, Aerobic courses, to visit a Swimming Pool, Solarium, Massage Saloon, Beauty Saloon (to visit a Cosmetologist).

I would like to know why women from your web page could be found on the web pages of other agencies?
Our agency works directly with the ladies. Besides, women from our Gallery are independently from any other agency. We do not sell or publish ladies information under any circumstances.

What are the three biggest mistakes most men make?
They write to too few women, they send poor quality photos, and badly written letters to beautiful educated women and then are disappointed when they get few replies to their letters! If you want to attract high quality women then you must show them that you too are intelligent. Please take the time and expense to send these women a professional photo taken of yourself if at all possible and you will not be disappointed in the results.

Are the addresses in English and Cyrillic and how will you send them to me?
We send addresses by e-mail. Addresses are written in English. The post works well with not only Cyrillic – any letters with addresses, written in English are obviously delivered to an addressee. If you want to get girls’ addresses written in Cyrillic, we will send it to you by e-mail as well, of course, without any additional charges.

Can I use your service to send a gift to a lady who is not a client of your agency?
Yes, you can use our service to send presents to a lady who is not a member of our agency but if she is from Mariupol or Donetsk. If you want to do so please go to our gifts shop and choose the appropriate gifts. You will see the form for your message for the lady on the order page. Please, write your message to the lady and indicate her address and phone (if available) and we will deliver the ordered gifts to her within 1-4 days depending on her location. We will take a photo of her at the moment she will get the gift for FREE. We will send you this photo along with the gift-delivery confirmation signed by the lady via e-mail.